Biohacking the brain for better memory

Increase your mind's activity with 28 simple exercises and get it working the way it should. Brain exercises help you to work better and faster on memory, concentration and problem-solving.


Are you tired of stress or your brain is not working at full capacity?

Hack your brain!

Are you ready to keep your mind sharp and young?

If so, Brain Biohacking is the course for you. This course is for those who...

  • want to have a perfect memory.
  • want to keep their minds sharp and young.
  • want to learn languages more easily and memorise large amounts of information.
  • want to memorise dates, phone numbers and important events more easily.
  • want to avoid age-related diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.
  • want to learn poems and plays more easily.
  • want to be cheerful and energetic.
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Did you know?

Our brains also need energy to work. Did you know that the organ that uses the most energy is the brain? After the age of 35, the quality of nerve cells and the number of mitochondria starts to decline significantly. As a result, the brain doesn't get enough energy - so we wake up in the morning tired and exhausted. We turn to sweets and coffee instead of breakfast because we need more energy - and these foods only temporarily give us more energy. We find it harder to remember things, we can't concentrate properly; our memory deteriorates; and when we are tired, we forget more often than usual. This makes us more nervous, more tense with colleagues and family members. We feel drained because we don't have enough energy stored in our cells (mitochondria) to help us carry out our daily activities.

But there is a solution:
Brain Biohacking!


Like most of our organs and muscles, the brain can also be trained. Memory and cognitive skills can be improved. You don't need to learn special techniques or go on a course lasting several weeks. You may have to buy tools, medicines or preparations. You just need to learn some very simple techniques to keep your brain in constant training. That's why this course was created, with its unique exercises to develop the brain's nerve cells. The method is all about flexibility of the joints and asynchronous cross movements that improve the brain's cognitive abilities. These movements are more difficult at the beginning because our brain has to cope with them, creating new synaptic connections. After a few days of practice, the tasks become easier and our brains are surprisingly clearer and more focused. Our memory improves, our mental abilities develop.


The effects of applying the exercises on a daily basis:

  • Language learning will become easier.
  • For students, learning a language will be easier.
  • Improved left-hand dexterity if you are right-handed, and vice versa.
  • It will be easier to learn to dance.
  • It improves the coordination of movements and the body's sense of balance.
  • It will have a good effect on the cerebellum, which is responsible for the sense of self.
  • Improved memory, creativity.
  • You will react quickly to problems, make better decisions.
  • You will be more focused.
  • You will understand the meaning of the text you read the first time, you will not have to re-read it several times.
  • You will find it easier to orient yourself.
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About the course

In this online course, 28 videos help you learn the exercises. These movements are very easy to memorise, can be done in under a minute. There is a bonus video, beneficial for tunnel syndrome and joint stiffness and another video to help you establish a daily routine.

Access to the course is unlimited. You can learn about brain integrity, the background to memory impairment, and the method.


About me

I am István Lakatos, kinesiologist, qi gong instructor, naturopath. My main speciality is alternative movement and massage therapy and kinesiology. I combine these two disciplines in several cases. I am interested in all methods that are about triggering the body's self-healing processes. I have been helping people for years to process their emotions, practice body awareness, and release blocks. I have been teaching chikung for over 10 years. In this course I help you with brain integration, which is closely related to kinesiology.

Brain biohacking course application!

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Thank you.



I started doing the exercises yesterday. I'm doing the first level and I'm really enjoying it. When I concentrate I do very well, but if I lose focus for a moment I immediately mess up. It's very good, it teaches me to concentrate and it's very good for for me chikung exercises especially for tree standing and also for meditation. I'm adding this into my daily routine. Thank you..

Teresa 2023.02.05

Dear Istvan! Thank you very much! I've always been interested in brain hemisphere alignment! Today I started the exercise ....what can I say, very interesting ...I enjoyed it so much that after the warm-up I did the whole beginner exercise sequence. What at first I really couldn't do....touching and stroking at the same time, after a few minutes of practice I got the hang of it. Great exercises, it's really something you feel like doing every day! I already feel that it is worth making exercise an integral part of my day! 🙏🤗.

Judy 2023.02.10.

Dear Istvan!!! I am very happy that I bought the package. I really like it, it is special and unique. I will use it every day, but first I need to practice. It doesn't work for me on the left side, but by the time I learn it, I'm sure I'll be more skilful. Good health, I wish you more courses of this quality!

Mary 2023.02.23.

Dear Istvan! I am very glad I bought this package. There is a lot to practice. I had no idea that you can mess up seemingly simple exercises. But it seems to be what the brain needs. Thank you..

Martha 2023.02.08.

Thank you! Even for children, teachers should start sessions like this!.

Kendra 2023.02.15.

I know that there are no coincidences, but I just started looking for options against memory deterioration in old age on the net. And I receive an email today from you with help on this. Thank you very much!

Susan 2023.02.28.


What is brain biohacking?

The word BIO is short for biology, and BIOHACKING is a combination of words that means hacking, i.e. improving and enhancing biological functions. It's not hacking in the bad sense, it's repairing. It is an improvement of the way our brain works. Some of the exercises were developed by Japanese professor Yoshiro Tsutsumi. In kinesiology, we use exercises to develop skills in children, to improve motor coordination in athletes and students, to facilitate language learning, and to improve memory in older age.

What diseases is it used for?

Primarily for memory problems, but the method has been used to improve the condition of patients with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. It is mainly a preventive method. Daily use can slow brain deterioration and prevent the above diseases.

Is it safe to practice?

There are no risks involved in doing the exercises. We are developing our brain. In the case of neurological diseases, it is worth checking with your doctor.

Brain biohacking course application!

Click on the button to purchase the course through Udemy. If you have used and are familiar with Udemy, just log in to your account. If you haven't already, you'll sign up right away with your purchase. Udemy is the largest online learning system in the world. Millions of people use it and it's completely secure. By purchasing a course, you support my work.